Energy Systems

The energy systems of human beings are remarkable This can be observed in people in all walks of life. Humans are definitely energetic and it is because this energy exists in different forms it allow us to manipulate and direct the energy to our advantage.  Everything is energy, and because of the different forms of … [Read more…]

What is Resolve Beyond Neurology

Resolve Beyond Neurology Resolve beyond neurology is a specialized training system that delivers training to natural health practitioners. These practitioners have already had years of experience before becoming a resolve practitioner. The aim of resolve practitioners’ is to help facilitate their clients in their own self healing, in other words, the body, mind and spirit … [Read more…]

How Often Should I Blog

I have always advocated blogging on a daily basis and this has been at the core of my daily routine, for many years, until I started to review my life and goals over the past year. Yes a blog needs to be regularly up dated, both for SEO purposes and for your readers and followers. … [Read more…]

What Is MarketHive

What is MarketHive, someone asked me this question the other day and to be honest it is not easy to answer, as there is nothing to compare it against. The concept of providing free marketing tools is not new, IBO Toolbox has been doing this for a few years, however with MarketHive care was been … [Read more…]

Achieving Your Goals

Our big event of the year, the move back to the UK is now over and now is time to reflect, take stock and plan for the future. I am a very goal orientated person and have been for most of my life. My major goal was to retire at 55,and at times I wondered … [Read more…]

Network marketing programs | Business lead generation | Network marketing help

Network marketing programs | Business lead generation | Network marketing help Getting started on the above 3 items above is greatly assisted by using the Market Hive suite of marketing tools as these tools can help with marketing your business, lead generation and by delivering information to your customer network The marketing ideas your business … [Read more…]

Double Bonus Shopping at Halfords

Since I have moved house I have discovered that I have more possessions than I have space for, despite having discarded and sold items that I no longer use. My original plan was to store my mountain bike in the garden shed, however this is too small so, I considered purchasing a second shed, or … [Read more…]