Check Your Energy Supplier

lyoness cashback British gas has been in the news recently after announcing a 50% profits increase and only reducing it rates by 5%. All energy cost should be coming down as the price of oil continues to fall. When was the last time you checked how much you are paying for your Gas and Electricity, I am prepared to bet that if you live in the UK you can get a cheaper deal, and it is easy to change your supplier no matter where you live.

I have just relocated to the UK and rented a property and was going to change my supplier to GnERGY Ltd, not only because the had a good rate but also because they are a Lyoness merchant and offer all members an additional 1% cashback plus savings points on every bill.

I received a notification from the Estate agent that they had just signed up to change supplier from EON to Spark, so I contacted Spark and explained I was a new tenant and my own favoured supplier Gnergy Ltd was cheaper, so they agreed to withdraw the change.

It takes about a month for the change to take place as their is a statutory 15 day cooling off period in case you change your mind. My cooling off period ends today, So my new supplier will take over on 15th Aug.

I urge everyone to review how much they are paying, you could save £ ooo’s. If you are interested in using GnERGY Ltd or already a Client, I would like to remind you that by quoting your complementary Lyoness card you can earn extra discounts.

David Ogden
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