How do I use Market Hive to increase my rankings?

How do I use Market Hive to increase my rankings?

For example to improve the ranking of my special sites (keyword for this site is “kinesiology training”) and (keyword for this site is “kinesiology clinic”) so like as for each of my  keywords for each of these sites, you, likewise, FIRST need a clear understanding of the major KEYWORD for your major site.

Simply put; if you can somehow increase the position of your site to be on Page 1 in Google’s search results, you have a greater chance of people browsing for solutions (including yours) by clicking on your webpage. So Market Hive is all about helping to get your site on page 1 of the Google search engine.

This said, the topic of your Major Keyword  cannot ever be overstated. It is just so important. Later you will need other supporting keywords that relate to the various parts of your business but these additional keywords can be found a little later.

My other site I am promoting is which was my Veretekk training site and has now been revamped to a training site for Market Hive. My major keyword here is “neural social marketing” see page 1 and also page 1 in Google

Let’s get the major keywords done first. From here the rest should fall into place.

This may look and sound easy (or may not) that is to find a major KW for your site but you need to do it. Your keyword for your niche, product, service, is one that thousands of people will type into the Google, Bing or the Yahoo search bars looking for information about your niche, your product or your service. If you happen to be on Page 1 then they find you. If your site is on Page 2 then your want for a better business outcome will be somewhat diminished.

Next are the minor keywords that still play a major role in the MAJOR way your site is ranked.

For example since about 80% of our kinesiology business is from people around my area I find keywords like “kinesiology training Wollongong” and “kinesiology training moss vale” have real impact since both are on page one in google (I usually don’t check Bing or Yahoo) ensuring a steady flow of both clients and people interested in “training in kinesiology in Wollongong” five references on page 1

So here is where Market Hive is of significant use. Using all the MH assets like blogging, videos, capture pages and auto responders, you now have real weapons that Google pays attention to in a major way.

I wish it were so that if you entered your “Major Keyword” into a space in MH you could get 1000 articles written and posted in the blogging system, 100 videos made and posted to YouTube, 10 capture pages written for your sites together with 100 email articles but alas it all has to be done by you or your company mostly manually. We don’t have machines for this yet – what a pity. 

Brian Walters

Brian Walters Market Hive Founding Member