How Often Should I Blog

bloggingI have always advocated blogging on a daily basis and this has been at the core of my daily routine, for many years, until I started to review my life and goals over the past year. Yes a blog needs to be regularly up dated, both for SEO purposes and for your readers and followers. How often you post is also connected to the amount of content you write. One of my earlier posts discussed the ideal size of a blog post relating to you target audience. Now a 1,000 word blog can take sometime to research to piece together, so it may be more practical to consider reducing daily posting to weekly posting.

Blogs are a very popular media every Company and millions of people are blogging on a regular basis. Whatever your interests there are steady streams of information which you can divert to your in box or blog reader, much of which you will never get around to reading, so you also need to think about your target audience. If you bombard people on a daily basis with a run of the mill post, you will in time turn your readers off. Daily posting for SEO is one thing, but human readers are looking for more interesting content, that is relevant to them and what they do or are interested in.

A recent Article on Hub spot How Often Should Companies Blog? [New Benchmark Data] concluded that:=

Companies that make a commitment to regularly publish quality content to their blogs tend to reap the biggest rewards in terms of website traffic and leads — and those results continue to pay out over time.

The most important factor is to develop a schedule that works for you and is suitable for what you are writing about and your own personal circumstances. Once you have set up a schedule you need to ensure you stick to it, that way your audience will expect it. I am in the process of reviewing how I work and starting to plan a new schedule as I get back into working my business including changing from daily blogging to weekly blogging.

Having decided on weekly blogging there is then the choice on which day you will publish your blog. I will avoid Mondays and Fridays as not only are they the start and end of working weeks but also often Public Holidays, together with Weekends. Wednesday is midweek so seems to be a prime candidate, allowing two days in the week to prepare your content, so perhaps this is a good day although publishing on Thursday would give a further day of preparation, but then it might not be read until Friday. I found the following interesting article which suggests Wednesdays is a good day and even goes as far as suggesting the best time of day, but I will leave that for others at this time.

Now comes the practical part, I actually have a number of different blogs, My personal blog which I will now change to Publishing on a Wednesday with effect from next month plus a few blogs associated with my interests which I will continue to post to on an Ad hoc basis. So the final step is to update my Google Calendar to provide a reminder for the plan to fall into place.

Brian Walters Market Hive Founding Member